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May 20, 2012

Puglia Contemporary Style

(Congedo Publishing)
is a book for your library
packed with all sorts
of lovely lessons within to learn,
and you don't even have to speak Italian
since the lessons are via PICTURES!

Pretty atmospheric pictures from Italy which
can be understood in any language!!!!
For those among us who are energized visually.

If you look up 'sensual' in the dictionary,
you'll find this image.

Halfway through the book,
my bags for Puglia were packed.
Are you snickering?
I have family there; that's a fact, Jack,
and I will get there when the timing's less wack.

Who is joining me on the terrace, and
what (besides Prosecco) will we be sipping?

* * *

Oh i mei amici, I need this Puglian diversion right now.
Just arrived home from a very creepy junkyard excursion
(someone please save me from myself)
where I contacted poison oak and the leg still throbs.
*continue weeping and blaring the Italian opera on the stereo, yo*
our mode of transportation was a motorcycle,
and it stormed on us...Puglia Contemporary Style, TAKE ME AWAY!

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. wowza sounds like you had an *interesting* day! But these images are fabulous! I'd be on the first flight if I had family over there... go enjoy some prosecco, yo!

  2. Italian?! Some of the best Italian architecture/design I've seen In a long time! So cool you have family over there... it's a must go!


  3. Girlfriend since you're going to Paris why is it you don't fly down to Italy? It's way cheaper to fly from over there, make reservations over there too not here or you'll pay the price. You'll love it...DO IT! Fly to a northern city if you have to. Gorgeous rooms above but to be honest that type of design isn't common place in Italy.


  4. my little sis married an italian! i dream of visiting and cannot imagine the food and architecture.


    can't believe i can't even go to the junkyard without getting hurt.

  5. Hope you are sipping
    some prosecco, right
    now, as it sounds like
    you could use it!!!

    Beautiful images. I love
    Italia but have not been
    to Puglia, just Roma and
    parts near there....

    xo Suzanne

  6. @debra
    not enough time this time around but i have a resort picked out for when we do!


  7. My Italion hollidays where fantastic! I love to go back! Especially to see this place :-)

    Happy day!
    Love Lisanne

  8. I could hang out by that pool any time! Proseco, Lambrusco....anything is fine with me.

  9. Holy smokes...that is some serious gorgeousness up there. I suddenly was transported to a beautiful, all white, ethereal place and then I realized I am here, where its raining, dark and humid..ugh!!!!
    Thanks for the mini getaway...being in a place like that you could hand me a juice box and I would be happy! Seriously totally beautiful beyond description.

    Guess what I wore on Sat? Your gorgeous va va voom rhinestone so many compliments, made me feel like a glamourpuss courtesy of Michele:)

  10. Puglia, here I come! At least in my dreams:) So beautiful pics!
    Hugs, Elin

  11. I love a good contrast and these are done beautifully, blending "old world" with modern clean lines - I love it! Best of luck on the poison oak - I have had my fair share of it and it is NO fun!

  12. Aww bless ya with yer wild motorcyling/creepy thrifting/poison-oak-finding ways!

    These pics are deliciously soothing... all that white, it makes me come over all sleepy and wistful. Need to go on holiday now, pronto.

    Zzzzz xxx

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Love that third image.. wow!.. and the poolside ~ that's where I'd like the prosecco ;)

    Hope the rest is wonderful and void of creepy thrifting/poison-oak relate incidents!

  15. Omgosh I gasped when I saw the bedroom, sheer perfection. I have been purging jewelry today and reorganizing my pretties, been think about you along the way!!! Love your Etsy shop and the pieces that you have sent my way, xo Kathysue

  16. Stunning images! That first picture with the curve white walls and the tranquil bedroom totally blown me away! Great finds!

    Have a good week, sweetie.


  17. the old and the new mixed beautiful! Do tell more about your junkyard excursion. :)

  18. oh lynn. i have a hard time doing things without getting hurt. my big idea was like 'it's a beautiful day, let's take the bike to that junkyard we saw and see if they sell stuff.' we were off. a peculiar man carrying a wheelbarrow sneered. said they were open. within seconds, me with my bare legs came into contact with the poison. immediate pain and swelling. i kept shopping! if we had left when it made sense to, we would have avoided the rain. except we didn't.


    i'm doing just fine now!

  19. Beatuuuuutyful pictures!

    Have a nice day


  20. Oh my goodness, every thing about it is simple elegance, sensuality and beauty. And, OUCH to the poison ivy! and then riding on a motorcycle in the rain... sounds like a good hot oatmeal bath and a nice shot of something would be in order!


  21. Such beautiful images! I'd like to escape to this paradise about now myself..


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