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September 23, 2012

 Juxtaposing the unexpected and the unconventional
is but one quality to admire about french flair.

 These images were captured by
Sebastien Siraudeau in
French Flair: Modern Vintage Interiors.

Le rose et le bois s'allient à merveille

Siraudeau's book
French Flair: Modern Vintage Interiors
(Flammarion, 2012)
features 111 locations which are
the product of four years of Siraudeau's
travels throughout France.
French Flair: Modern Vintage Interiors
is HUGE...over 700 pages
of the most delicious photography of interiors
to study and sigh over.

As you know I am heading to Paris in a few weeks so
my head is swimming with all things gorgeously French.
(In other news, I am in Arizona at the moment soaking
up rays and visiting my favorite folks on the planet.)

Any travel advice or other tips for this weary traveller
who freaks out on planes of any size?

Peace to you right where you are.

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with companies I  love and think may interest you.

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  1. From a fellow freaker outer over planes of any size......valium is my best friend when traveling. Can't even look at a plane without it:) Hope you are flying at night so you can get nice and tired.....the book looks awesome, 700 pages...thats a monster load of French fabulosity.

    PS Just cuz your nice does not preculde me from being very jealous that you are headed to the most romantic city ever!!

  2. Ohhh lovely pic`s and i just love the colors on the cover of the book.

    Whish you a great trip to Paris :)

    Hugs from Camilla in Norway

  3. Arizona and Paris?? Very jealous. :) Love those citrus high energy colors in the pictures you show too!

  4. If you have the miles upgrade to 1st glass and have a glass of champagne before even leaving the gate! Better yet find something to complain about immediately upon boarding and get upgraded for free as my coach class seat mate did last month on the flight from Amsterdam to Atlanta, there was a barking dog in a carryon and the plane had not even closed the doors and she was placaated with a free upgrade:) I love my little painting, it changes throughout the day with the lighting. Enjoy the rest of your time in AZ and and safe travels and a great trip to Paris!

  5. Michele,

    This book looks perfect! Great pictures.. love that second photo.

    I had forgotten that your Paris trip was coming up!! Exciting!!

    As for traveling.. try to upgrade if possible..made it MUCH easier for me. Some folks take benedryl with a glass of wine, or something prescription. Always good to have everything just in case you need it.

  6. I just ordered three books yesterday because of bloggers and it looks like I’m about to order another. That book looks fabulous! I hope you’re having a wonderful time with your parents. As for the flying part, once you get on the plane take a valium and a shot of whatever you prefer and you’ll sleep the rest of the way over. I know because I get claustrophobic on planes….nice huh?

    Enjoy your evening!

  7. Have a wonderful trip... enjoy yourself... and loved this post... blessings...


    Before I travel... I take a little bag... and put a little prayer written on paper for a safe and peaceful trip... tucked into the bag...then stick the bag into my purse...when I get stressed flying...I just hold my little prayer bag...and focus on works...hope you will try it!

  8. YOU ARE GOING TO PARIS????? Okay. Look who just made me jump with joy and I see a hint of the lightest shade of green on this unfortunately yours :)

    Enjoy your heart you, be a romantic, wear your hats, eat beautiful sea food (leer at French men *coughs*)and take the best out of this city that never ceases to enthrall.

    You know what they say? Paris is always a good idea :) Love you Mich. Have lots of fun.

  9. I don't know how anyone gets on a thin metal tube filled with highly flammable gas which propels itself 10,000 feet into the air, through thunderstorms and lightening strikes, over thousands of miles... but that's just me. Everyone does it everyday, and apparently it is extremely safe. I find elevators challenging... so consider the source
    I'm so excited for you about your trip to Paris, and can not wait to hear about it all...


  10. Looks wonderful - I´d love to take a further peek! :-)

  11. French and Modern Vintage - words in the title that have totally grabbed me! On my wishlist :)

    Have a wonderful time in Paris, my lovely!

    Meera xx

    P.S. Love your photos of the 'real' unstyled home in the previous post!

  12. LOVED the bedroom!!
    He is an amazing photographer!

    Travel advice: Bring your favorite music and a head set, to listen to. I would recommend some soft music. ;o)

    Bring a good book, you know, that one that one on your bed table... finally it's time to start reading it! Ha!

    Wear comfy clothes. I hate to wear belts when flying overseas.
    Bring also some really comfy socks to wear when you take off your boots or shoes.

    Bring ear props.
    Bring an eye mask (super-nice with gel)

    As soon as you enter the plain, grab a purser and ask for two pillows!

    These things may be all on your list, and if so, just try to relax and have NICE trip, Michele!

    Anette Willemine

  13. Have so much fun in Paris!! I hate to fly as well but its definitely worth the anxiety!!! the book looks stunning i will have to get!! xo Leslie

  14. Everyone I know is going to Paris! Except me :( Have fun and get lots of inspirations! Maybe you will come back and do a series of paintings inspired by Paris?

  15. I'm so envious of your little soiree to Gay Paris! Whenever I did my jaunts across the Atlantic, I always took a Tylenol PM and that would put me to sleep - wake up a little groggy but you're back on land :) xxx

  16. Have wish i was going too.
    I love the bright colors in these images.

  17. i am so grateful for the tips! valium? check. booze? right on. ear thingies and music? yes m'am.

    now for what to pack...


  18. wow looks great! thanks for sharing
    have a lovely day! hx

  19. Looks like a fun book, I love the vibrant seating, its so much fun.

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