5 Tips to Add Instant Curb Appeal {Inspiration from Decor Market}

June 19, 2017

Gorgeous wicker Davies (Decor Market) chairs on patio - Hello Lovely Studio

It's time for a confession, friends.
For an indoorsy type like me,
just hearing "curb appeal,"
"landscaping," or "patio décor,"
makes me feel a little tense since
I'm more wired for interiors
and just now learning about gardening.

Pretty pea gravel courtyard and knotty alder front door - Hello Lovely Studio
Hello Lovely Studio
I love spending time outdoors, but I'm less into
lawn chores and irrigation than:
and sipping deliciousness.

Gorgeous wicker Davies (Decor Market) chairs on patio - Hello Lovely Studio
Wicker Chairs
So I'm lazy, but I still want my curb and patio appeal, mama!

(Thinking about property value
or maybe putting your home on the market?
Ooh la la, curb appeal often determines
whether a potential buyer schedules
a showing!)

Pretty pea gravel courtyard with bench and chairs - Hello Lovely Studio
5 Tips to Add Instant Curb Appeal {Inspiration from Decor Market}
All the labor, expense, and time involved
can feel overwhelming, not to mention
the time waiting for shrubs and trees to
mature to the degree they make visual impact.

Gorgeous wicker Davies (Decor Market) chairs on patio - Hello Lovely Studio
Wicker Chairs
I recently discovered Décor Market,
(merci, Tina!) and I'm in love.
It's not just the quality, awesome prices,
and free shipping, it's their inventory.
With just the right balance of
furnishings and décor for every budget,
I feel energized, not overwhelmed.

Pretty knotty alder door with speakeasy and front entry - Hello Lovely Studio
5 Tips to Add Instant Curb Appeal {Inspiration from Decor Market}
Today's post is sponsored by Decor Market and
is for those of us who
(ideas that won't cost us thousands or be laborious
beyond online shopping in our pajamas!).

And everything is 20% off!

Let's start with the front entrance at
our fixer upper...its appearance vastly
improved with the new alder front door,
but it still needed sprucing up.


Here it is now.

Gorgeous wicker Davies chair (Decor Market) on front porch - Hello Lovely Studio
 So much better!

To read about our new rustic alder wood door,
visit this story here.

Gorgeous wicker Davies chair (Decor Market) on front porch - Hello Lovely Studio
5 Tips to Add Instant Cub Appeal {Inspiration from Decor Market}
This wicker chair is absolutely gorgeous with its timeless
grey color which matches absolutely everything I
put with it.

The best part?

I simply took it out of the box.
Instant gratification, and no dirty fingernails.

Gorgeous wicker Davies chair (Decor Market) on front porch - Hello Lovely Studio
If you put charcoal with this chair, it looks more grey,
and if you put it with black it looks soft black.
It also blends just fine with brown!

It's comfy!

Not only is this chair more functional than
the vintage prayer chair or French tolix chair
I have tried on this porch, it
makes a much more sophisticated statement,
actually making our front door look a ton better!

Gorgeous wicker Davies chair (Decor Market) on front porch - Hello Lovely Studio
Hello Lovely Studio
So this first tip is my favorite!

Tip No. 1
Invest in a Statement Chair (or Two).
Chairs. are. just. the. best.

Safavieh Mopani Adirondack chair from Decor Market - found on Hello Lovely Studio

Do you have a chair thing like me?
I have problems and pick them up on the side
of the road all the time!

I love the color, laid back beachy style, and practicality
of Décor Market's Mopani Chair, inspired by the
classic Adirondack chair dating to 1903.

It would make an amazing statement chair with
a blue and white décor scheme
on a cottage front porch and also work
equally beautifully in multiples for
an informally decorated deck, patio, or firepit.

Sometimes all you need is a simple statement.

Our patio (just off the kitchen)
needed some love since it has remained
empty for two years since we bought this place.
(The whole thing was demo'd so the ground could
be properly graded before placing each and every
Belgian stone back in this pattern I love!)

What's better than one Davies chair?
A pair of these gorgeous wicker chairs
with their textural neutral grey goodness!

Gorgeous wicker Davies chairs (Decor Market) on patio - Hello Lovely Studio
AFTER - Chairs here
The ivory-toned cushion is included with the chair,
and every color I styled with it looked fabulous.
(The light blue-grey lumbar pillows are RH.)

Gorgeous wicker Davies chairs (Decor Market) on patio - Hello Lovely Studio
Wicker Chairs
An old galvanized pail planted with lavender
on a wood stool? Boom. I wanna live here all day.

Gorgeous wicker Davies chairs (Decor Market) on patio - Hello Lovely Studio
Davies Chairs (Decor Market)
Let's go back to my front courtyard
which I have been experimenting with.
A bunch of the perennials I planted last year
didn't survive, so this left side is spare but
I actually like it better and will simply
bring in containers of subtle color.

Detail of pea gravel courtyard with bench and boxwood - Hello Lovely Studio
5 Tips to Add Instant Curb Appeal {Inspiration from Decor Market}
I have two matching benches out here
(purchased from a garage sale),
 one on either side of the sidewalk,
and benches are awesome for
adding instant curb appeal
because you can change up the
pillows, throws, and even the color.

My pea gravel French inspired courtyard with river rock walls - Hello Lovely Studio
5 Tips to Add Instant Curb Appeal {Inspiration from Decor Market}
Tip No. 2
Get Your Frenchie Benchie Lovely On.
You won't even have to eat noodles for a month
to afford it. 

If you love a French-inspired outdoor look
like I do, you certainly don't need a courtyard to
get it...For around a hundred bucks,
you could let the delicately feminine Brielle Bench
be your inspiration piece and build a vignette around it.

Delicate French inspired Brielle bench from Safavieh at Decor Market - found on Hello Lovely Studio
I'm loving the curves and vintage look of Brielle,
and for instant French Farmhouse style,
I'm dreaming of adding her to our patio
at the Arizona getaway.

Safavieh Brielle bench at Decor Market - found on Hello Lovely Studio
Brielle Bench
Tip No. 3
Patio Pretties that Aren't Too Matchy.
Because sometimes, increasing appeal is
about the mix.

Safavieh Maluku wicker arm chair at Decor Market - found on Hello Lovely Studio

I have a mad crush on the Maluku Chair (above)
with its natural, quiet color and weave work,
and it will work with all sorts of outdoor
tables...like maybe your existing one.

For instant outdoor appeal with no watering, pruning,
or fertilizing required, place one on a front porch
(and claim it as your reading or thinking chair!)
or use a set of them for conversation or dining.

Momeni colorful outdoor rug from Decor Market - found on Hello Lovely Studio

You already know about transforming
a patio with a new rug so I'm just going
to remind you to check out the possibilities
at Décor Market like this Tangier Momeni Rug.

If you have a matchy sort of patio set
right now, maybe add a rug with
a contrasting style or pattern
to give it new life.

Gorgeous blue and white Chinoiserie garden stool from Decor Market - found on Hello Lovely Studio
Chinoiserie Garden Stool
Tip No. 4
Garden Stool Accents.
They take up very little real estate,
yet often steal the show.

Look at the Chinoiserie Garden Stool above
and imagine the possibilities in your garden,
poolside, or on the patio!

Blue and white mixes beautifully
with another accent color,
and with fresh greenery?

Need some chinoiserie inspiration?

Gorgeous blue and white decorated sun room with chinoiserie stool - found on Hello Lovely Studio

Gorgeous blue and white decorated patio furniture with Chinoiserie garden stool - found on Hello Lovely Studio

Gorgeous blue poolside chair and ottoman and Chinoiserie stool - found on Hello Lovely Studio
And they are gorgeous indoors!
(Isn't this a superb lesson in mixing below?)

Blue console table with Chinoiserie stools underneath and modern art above - found on Hello Lovely Studio

Tip No. 5
Rock the House.
Instant chill factor guaranteed.

For a classic and coastal look on
the front porch, back porch, back patio, or deck,
consider this Shasta Rocker.

Safavieh Shasta rocking chair at Decor Market - found on Hello Lovely Studio

I love how four of these work arranged for
conversation on a patio, or just one
or two paired with this adorable
Orland Tea Trolley below!

Safavieh Orland Tea Trolley at Decor Market - found on Hello Lovely Studio

Hope these tips inspire your
decorating schemes, and see more
pics of my new chairs here.

(And, um, can you tell I LOVE
my Davies Chairs!?!)

Pin Me for Later!

Peace to you right where you are.

Hello Lovely Studio Michel pointe shoes ballet slippers denim
Thanks, Decor Market, for partnering with me and
making shopping for home fun and painless.

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  1. Beautiful Michele! We have potted lavender on the patio and I love it! Now I just need those wicker chairs.........have a happy Tuesday my friend!

    1. I can't say enough about the chairs--they looked fab online but even better in person! about the potted lavender--why in the world does it not grow well in my sunny courtyard, yet flourishes in this bucket!?!

  2. Wow, now I know where to get a much needed patio set! Thanks Michele!!

    1. thanks for visiting! this 20% sale is putting a couple of other things on my wish list within reach! :)

  3. My mother has this fascination with wicker furniture, and she actually just mentioned adding benches outside on the side yard. I'll have to let her know about this sale so she can check out their inventory!

    1. thanks for reading, larissa! I have had my share of vintage wicker benches over the years, and I must say that NEW trumps vintage for wicker! :)

  4. Oh my goodness! So simple and it looks amazing!

    1. Thanks, Christine! Simple is always best! :)

  5. The blue and white is my all time favorite colors to decorate anything with
    I want one of those outdoor ceramic stools
    Thanks for stopping by my blog

    1. you just can't go wrong with the timelessness of blue and white! the stools...the one with the fish is my fav!

  6. Just lovely Michele. Thank you for the invitation to your post and blog. Have a lovely week.

  7. It looks fantastic, I love your front yard and the white wooden bench and chairs! Have a great weekend!

    1. thanks, katrin--you are an amazing creative dynamo, and I'm so grateful you stopped by. :)

  8. These are beautiful ideas. We are in the process of selling our house and had to add curb appeal. Our house isn't nearly as pretty as this though.

    1. thanks so much for stopping, devon! best to you as you market your home...I know it can be stressful and have done it too many times! this place was a disaster before we got our hands on it!

  9. Just love what you have done here - the tones are amazing and the mix or heights and textures really add to your exterior - it's chic and inviting (and I love your front door)!

    1. thanks so much! the door was a much needed upgrade and makes a big impact. happy weekend! :)

  10. I love the wicker chairs and the bench! I've been needing to get something like this for my back patio.

    1. thanks, karyl! the chairs are even better in person! happy weekend! :)

  11. Wow, your front door transformation is gorgeous! It is all pretty! Thank you for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

    1. Thanks so much! The old door was so sad with dents and abuse and had to go! xox

  12. I will feature this on Thursday at Home Sweet Home party!

    1. Woohoo! I'll be tuning in! Thanks for letting me know!

    2. So happy to see this featured on your blog! Thank you!

  13. Love this post! Hadn't heard of Decor Market, will definitely have to check them out. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xoKathleen|Our Hopeful Home

    1. Thanks for reading, Kathleen! I bet you'll be charmed by Decor Market like I am. :)

  14. Reading this has me thinking about doing a complete overhaul of my back yard!! I was not aware of Decor Market but I will definitely check them out now. Thank you!

    1. So happy to help you discover em. Thanks for visiting, Shannon! :)

  15. Oh my! I am in LOVE with that rocking chair and cart in tip 5! Awesome tips all around!

    1. Right? And they're priced well. They are on my list as well! Thanks for stopping by, K! :)

  16. I've never heard of Decor Market before; I love the idea of "ready from the box." I always have a hard time envisioning decor in my backyard/deck. Having all these pictures is so helpful. Your entryway looks gorgeous!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. It always helps to see real photos that aren't stock ones from the site!

  17. Michelle, I love this simple and elegant transformation! I'd definitely benefit from "ready to go" tool , otherwise my "design A.D.D" takes over and there is no cohesion between my many style interests :) You are so good at what you do: Own it!

  18. I have a love/hate relationship with our front porch right now because it's big enough for chairs and a small table, but we can't leave the furniture out in the winter because of the snow and we don't have anywhere to store big chairs. Also, my house is a boring brown color. I do have two red chairs out there, but I'd love to do something different. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. i hear you, Shani. We don't have room to store seasonal stuff either. You have reminded me I need to share a photo of these wicker chairs in my dining area--they look great there too when I don't want them outdoors.

  19. Love that door very cool ideas as well
    Thank you for this post

    1. thanks for reading, lauren! happy 4th! ;)

  20. Love the benches! I just found 2 to rockers at a garage sale!!

  21. I love your front door entrance before and after. That looks so welcoming.

    1. Thanks so much. We love the look and function of the new door!

  22. Oh wow! The before and after is like night and day. But it looks super simple to achieve. I hate putting a lot of time and money into decorating but this seems doable! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. simple is always best! thanks for reading! :)

  23. I love the look and everything look so chic. I will be moving into my new house next year and will keep these ideas in mind.

    1. best to you as you transition into the new house! :)

  24. I can't believe what a difference the makeover made for your front porch, it's gorgeous! The chair looks so comfy! I'm in love with your front door too, it's so unique!

    1. soooo comfy! thanks for the kind words, stacey. :)

  25. I love all of your ideas! I think it is very important to set the tone for your home by starting on the outside. It was one of the first things I did when I bought my house!



    1. hahaha. I didn't even venture outside for a full year with this whole house reno since it was much more important that we have plumbing and safe electricity. thank goodness we are just now able to address some curb appeal with the ease of Decor Market!

  26. These are great! I recently have decided to pursue my interest in interior design and I have become obsessed with other peoples ideas! These are so pretty!

    1. thanks, brigette. best to you in your design dreams! :)

  27. I don't do blue but I adore your blue themed porch. The pots of flowers by the entrance are key.

    1. no blue here either besides some lavender blooms! :)

  28. Wow! I love your gorgeous entryway! Great job on the decor.

  29. Thanks, Amanda. It has been a labor of love, and things didn't always look so swell! :)

  30. Wow, that's such a huge difference in your front door! Amazing what some texture can do!

    1. The front door truly changed the whole entrance! Thanks for visiting, Megan!

  31. What a gorgeous makeover. I love your picks from Decor Market!
    Hugs, Jamie


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