Books: A Beautiful Mess: Celebrating the New Eclecticism

June 12, 2017

A Beautiful Mess: Celebrating the New Eclecticism by Claire Bingham
TeNeues just shared a new design book with me
I studied with intrigue and an open mind.
Author of A Beautiful Mess, Claire Bingham describes
the colorful décor book she masterminded this way:
"Flying in the face of simple Scandinavian
and bare-room minimalism, my new book
A Beautiful Mess: Celebrating the New Eclecticism
(teNeues publishing)
is a compendium of ornate, free-spirited
and fabulous interiors where maximalism
is the order of the day.
 Bye bye minimal.
Say hello to homes that are full of life."

Ornate and maximalist décor is
not often on tap here on Hello Lovely,
but free-spirited IS, and it's what
I love about this charming volume.
 image above (Chris Tubbs)

A Beautiful Mess (teNeues Publishing)

So, when is messy beautiful rather than undesirable?

A Beautiful Mess by Claire Bingham; Photo: Chris Tubbs
Surely the formula varies, and the distinction
a subjective one, but I think Bingham
illustrates how "the new eclecticism"
celebrates bold, artistic, rule-breaking,
creative individuality.
There is a freedom in mixing styles,
eras, influences, and lovely finds
without any worry except to please
one's own eye that I imagine to be
akin to freely painting an abstract or
fashioning an imaginative outfit
that just feels right.
London-based interior designer Sussy Cazalet's creative hub in A Beautiful Mess via

A Beautiful Mess by Claire Bingham; Photo: Jenny Brandt Grönberg
I know folks who put a lot of thought
into their eclectic interiors, and I know
peeps who keep it loose, random, and
anything but cognitive yet still eclectic.

A Beautiful Mess demonstrates how creative
freedom, beautifully expressed through
interior design, can birth unique
and colorful results which
energize and inspire.

French chateau of antique dealer Steiner Berg-Olsen in A Beautiful Mess via

 I'm so happy this undertaking,
this exploration of eclectic décor
in A Beautiful Mess is available
for us to enjoy because it isn't
terribly common to see such
spaces routinely published!

What say ye about eclectic design
or new eclecticism?
Are there spaces in your own
abode you would characterize
as a beautiful mess?

Peace to you right where you are.

Hello Lovely Studio Michel pointe shoes ballet slippers denim
Thanks so much for sharing a copy of Claire Bingham's
beautiful new book, teNeues.

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  1. I think most of us lead such busy lives that rooms that are overflowing with 'stuff' that has to be dusted, vacuumed, and walked around, are overwhelming. In the last kitchen picture above, who has time to place all the food in the cabinet just so? Many eyes cross just looking at these pictures. This is not meant to be unkind, just one person's opinion :)

  2. thanks for visiting and sharing! :)


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